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About us

Too-Gather was an idea that became reality thanks to the inspiration and help we received from the ICE Honours programme organised by Thomas More. Not to mention that our work sessions mainly took place at the Thomas More school in Turnhout and Geel. We would like to thank Vanderheyden, Ice Cube, Balo Turnhout, IT Factory Geel and Thomas More for all the inspiration, guidance and motivation they gave us!

Our team

What we do together, we usually do better. Discover team Too-Gather here

Gillian Heyns


Gillian is the founder of Too-Gather. He studies applied computers sciences at the Thomas More University. Gillian also holds the title of general manager.

Lucas Couckhuyt


Lucas is studying to be a primary school teacher. He is Too-gather's spokesperson and PR manager. He is together with Wietse responsible for the educational part of our projects.

Wietse Elsen


Wietse is studying to become a primary school teacher. He is responsible for everything that has to do with communication and social media. He is also, together with Lucas, responsible for the educational parts of our projects.

photo Jonas

Jonas Van Hove

Full Stack Developer

Jonas is our newest and technical acquisition. He will be mainly occupied with deal with the programming side of Too-Gather.

photo Myrddin

Myrddin op 't Roodt


Myrddin is our new talent together with Jonas. He takes care of the smooth running of all IoT related matters. He is also our handyman.


Too-Gather would not have come about without our partners. Be sure to take a look at their website!


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